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BodyBilt 2504 Ergonomic Office Chair - 34 Stone -  £1,404.00 (inc VAT)

Big and Tall Seating.

These chairs are guaranteed for weights up to 34 stone (238 kgs)

BodyBilt chair technology was developed through National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research. Using a 10-point posture control system, BodyBilt chairs allow each user to attain a healthy, natural posture in a variety of tasks through the use of multiple adjustments.

With the trunk to thigh angle opened beyond 90 degrees, muscle, tendon and ligament systems can more readily assume their most relaxed positions. This open posture helps vertebrae to be more evenly spaced, alleviating pressure on the spinal column and improving breathing, digestion and musculoskeletal alignment.

Active features:

  • Backrest height adjustment
  • Backrest depth adjustment
  • Pneumatic seat height cylinder
  • Seat tilt adjustment
  • Seat tilt tension control
  • Swivel * Seat slide
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Armrest angle adjustment
  • Armrest articulation adjustment
  • Adjustable air lumbar support


  • Seat width 65cms
  • Seat depth 52.5cms
  • Back width 53.75cms
  • Back height 55cms
  • Seat height 40.5cms to 54.5cms
  • Forward tilt 0 degrees
  • Rearward tilt 10 degrees
  • Tilt range 10 degrees

Standard Delivery Charges

 £1,170.00 (excl VAT)
 £1,404.00 (inc VAT)
Product Code: Simm-2504
BodyBilt 2504 Ergonomic Office Chair - 34 Stone

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