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Cerium Colour Overlays -  £3.46 (inc VAT)

Cerium Colour Overlays.


A4 Cerium Colour Overlays, help reduce Visual Stress when reading books and other printed materials.

20% of the population experiences visual stress in varying degrees when reading text printed on a white background.


It has been found that some people, who find reading black text on white backgrounds difficult, benefit from using coloured overlays. The Cerium overlay reduces glare and stops what has been described as 'jumping' letters or lines of text. In some cases these overlays have been found to improve reading for children with dyslexia, irlen syndrome or learning difficulties and helped them gain confidence in reading and learning.


Difficulty reading text on a white page can also occur in adults who had no previous reading issues. Unless you have already identified your colour, a pack of 10 colours is a good option as you can test the various tones to find the perfect match. Depending on the lighting in the room and if your condition changes over time you may want to change to another colour overlay.


Colours available: Yellow, Celery Green, Grass Green, Jade Green, Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Orange.


Size: A4  /  21 x 29.7cm


Pack of 10 assorted colours available. £23.50 + vat

Also available in packs of 10 single colour and pack of 5 assorted colours or single colours.

Visual Aids Colour Overlays

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Cerium Colour Overlays

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