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Cirque Easy Cat Touchpad -  £34.80 (inc VAT)

The Cirque Easy Cat AG touchpad makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to control your computer. To perform basic mouse functions, simply glide your finger over the smooth surface to point, then tap on the pad or press on the buttons to click or activate vertical scroll by simply gliding a finger along the right edge of the touchpad. Use an easy cat, instead of a traditional mouse and your wrists will thank you. Easy Cat’s compact size makes it a perfect traveling companion for your laptop.


  • Right tap mimics a mouse right click
  • Scroll moves vertically
  • GlideExtend virtually eliminates the edge of the pad when dragging
  • Advanced Gestures offer scrolling, zooming, rotating, and other function shortcuts

Product Highlights

  • Small and portable
  • Withstands spills and abuse
  • Thin and comfortable design
  • Easy-to-find textured "right" click area
  • Easy Serial, PS/2 or USB connectivity

GlidePoint Technology - Cirque’s capacitive touch technology provides complete navigation control of any graphical interface, packed in a space-saving, low-friction, durable mouse alternative. GlidePoint’s sophisticated sensor system quickly responds to precise finger movements.

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 £29.00 (excl VAT)
 £34.80 (inc VAT)
Product Code: Sim272
Cirque Easy Cat Touchpad

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