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Kinesis Freestyle 2 Convertible Keyboard -  £139.14 (inc VAT)

Kinesis Freestyle 2 convertible keyboard is a breakthrough in ergonomic design.

Kinesis Freestyle keyboard 2 adapts to specific needs of each user, adjusts for shoulder width, arms and wrist angle.
Simple and sturdy adjustment mechanisms.

The Freestyle Solo keyboard has two optional accessory kits 
- Freestyle Incline and Freestyle VIP.
These configurations allow complete seperation (50cms)and/or adjustable front splay, adjustable or fixed tenting, plus integrated and removable, padded palm supports.


Black colour & USB connection only.

Standard Delivery Charges


 £115.95 (excl VAT)
 £139.14 (inc VAT)
Product Code: SIM-M55
Kinesis Freestyle 2 Convertible Keyboard
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