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Mousebean MR7 Hand Rest -  £9.00 (inc VAT)

.Mousebean MR7 Hand Rest


The MouseBean® Hand Rest is designed to provide support, protection and comfort when using a mouse.

Following detailed research into the causes of mouse-induced wrist pain,
the MouseBean® Hand Rest tackles the problem by applying sound ergonomic principles,
stylish product design and engineering.

The MouseBean® Hand Rest elevates the forearm to maintain a straight wrist.
This reduces stress on the tendons where they run through the carpal tunnel.
Overuse of the hand and fingers when the wrist is bent can lead to tenosynovitis (inflammation of the covering of the tendons),
a painful condition affecting the forearm.
Resting the forearm on the desktop can become increasingly uncomfortable.

The MouseBean® Hand Rest allows the wrist to rotate into a comfortable position and can be used on either hand.
The gently rounded base allows it to slide on and off the edge of a mousemat without snagging.


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Mousebean MR7 Hand Rest
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