Arm and Wrist Supports

Arm and Wrist Supports such as the articulated Ergorest arm support, padded palm supports such as the mousebean, and gel wristrests or gel mouse pad can help reducing pain at work and R.S.I.. Thanks to a soft cushioned area or gel pad the wrists or palms can operate in comfort with a light gentle support pleasant to the touch.

Using a mouse and keyboard all day equates to a lot of wrist movement. Long periods of use can lead to painful aching wrists and long term injuries such as Repetitive Strain injury (RSI). A wrist support, mouse rest or arm rest may help reduce this.
From simple padded support to the fully articulated arm support Ergorest, there are many ergonomic office accessories that can help reduce the discomfort from desk work and hypersensitivity to hard surfaces.