Document Holders

Document Holders and writing slopes can be a cost effective ways of combating back pain. Despite our efforts over the years to become a paperless office, there is still the need for documents, diaries and lists to be used in the office. Consequently, there are many scenarios where we just can’t avoid looking at a piece of paper sitting on our desk. So what do we do to avoid those awkward postures? we can lan over the desk, bend our heads and twist our necks to read the tiny font, usually placed at the side of the keyboard. A document holder will place the document in the ideal position and angle to minimize neck strain and contortion. Below is a range of perspex document holders, the A3 range is a versatile document support that can be brought forward over a long keyboard to be used as a writing slope.

Placing your paperwork inline with your monitor and keyboard, and elevated at an angle, reduces the need to twist the head and stoop over the desk to view the documents. A document holder is one of the best ways to achieve a relaxed and neutral posture in most office environments. But the concept works best when using a product that allows you to pull the document holder forwards over your desk to act as a writing slope as well such as the  like the  A3 Extra High Adjustable Copyholder.