Adapt 500 Range

Adapt 500 Range, The adapt500 range is our entry level to the world of adapt Office Seating.
45kg – 150kg
1.5m – 2.1m

The entry-level Adapt 500 ergonomic office chair comes in six varieties (all different combinations of backrest and seat sizes). Once you’ve selected your model, you can go ahead and customise it to suit your unique shape, preferences and needs. People aren’t made to standard specifications. Ergonomics is all about designing products that fit their user and task as best as possible.

A poorly built chair — or one that’s been poorly matched to the user, can cause and worsen aches and pains across the body through lack of support, or support in the wrong places. The Adapt 500 offers a high level of customisation so you can create a chair designed especially for you.

Key features:

High quality ergonomics
Find a size perfect for you
Huge range of customisation options available

The Adapt 500 comes with a memory foam seat, inflatable lumbar support and free-float mechanism (to promote healthy movement while seated) as standard.