Adapt Zento Chair

Adapt Zento Chair part of the Adapt Ergonomic Office Chair Range

The Adapt Zento chair comprises some of the best loved features of the Adapt range into a chair created with small to medium sized projects in mind. Zento is intended to act as more of a preventative measure and by encouraging great posture everyday we’d love to think that some degree of back pain can be warded off.

Adapt 600 Office Chair Range

Adapt 500 Office Chair Range

ZentoSmart, the new generation of ‘everyday’ ergonomic office chairs with more features than ever. Offering good ergonomics in an easily adjustable form (suiting up to 98% of people). This is great for agile environments where workspaces may be used by multiple people with different body shapes and needs.

As standard, the ZentoSmart comes with a memory foam seat for body-hugging support, a coccyx relief zone (invisible relief in the lower back), lumbar support air-cell, back angle adjustment (independent from the seat), free float function to encourage movement, a booster button for 3 extra angles of tilt, a seat depth adjuster and a back height adjuster.

Depending on your preferences, you can add extras from the options below.