BMA Axia Chairs

BMA Axia Office Chairs, a Revolution in Office Seating
The Axia chair is unique. It is a synthesis of ergonomics, biomechanics and design which must come together to suit all shapes and sizes. Since its introduction, it has developed and evolved into a comprehensive range to suit all applications.


Everyone knows that “Prevention is better than cure“, but it is typically different in everyday life. As a rule, employees do not complain about back, shoulder or neck injuries until it is too late, and the establishment of the BioMechanisch Adviesbureau (abbreviated: BMA) in 1988 was a direct reaction to this.

Physiotherapist Cees Bruin and mechanical engineer Matthé van den Oord combined their medical and technical knowledge to prevent injuries and complaints from occurring in the workplace, using smart solutions. Cees had noticed that in his practice he was mainly concerned with symptom management and, curious about the causes of these injuries and complaints, decided to observe his patients at their workplace. Cees was one of the first occupational physiotherapists in the Netherlands and, together with Matthé’s technical knowledge, his observations resulted in advice and assistance targeted to prevent injuries and complaints from occurring.

BMA Axia, the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs