Opera 50 Chairs

Opera 50

These are our heavy duty range of ergonomic chairs with a knee tilt rocking action which features an anti-shock feature on activation of the mechanism. The Opera 50 range has a five-year warranty and 222 Kg (35 stone) weight limit.

Our Opera 50 chairs are the heavy-duty specification chairs within our Opera range with an extended weight limit of 35 stone. They include a knee tilt mechanism that pivots at the front of the seat ensuring that the feet stay in constant contact with the floor as well as alleviating pressure on the under-side of the thighs.

This rocking action ensures that the chairs support you in all your movements to reduce the strain when leaning forwards and backwards. This can be left in free float (which is encouraged whilst sat on the chair) or locked in any position.

The backrest angle is independent to the seat and remains constant when the seat tilts – ensuring the lumbar supports stays in place.

Opera 50 chair options

The Opera 50 chairs are available with various seat and backrest sizes for a perfect fit and have a wide range of optional extras to provide a custom-made solution for each end-user.

Each chair has a five-year warranty and 35 stone weight limit.


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