Control Room Office Chairs

Control Room Office Chairs for 24/7 Intensive Use

Intensive operations like monitoring or observation place the highest demand on control room office chairs. Especially when the chair is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why BMA Ergonomics has developed a series ergonomic control room seating 24 hour chairs, or in other words, chairs that are used around the clock.

These heavy duty office chairs are fitted with extra strong and robust mechanisms and bigger 5-star bases. The height and width adjustable armrests and the ergonomic backrest with pelvic support are built to withstand intensive usage. 24/7 chairs are quick and easy to adjust and extremely comfortable for every user.

24 hour control room office chairs have to be practically indestructible in the control room environment because they are used by different people and in various locations. Therefore the upholstery of BMA’s 24 hour chairs is extremely strong, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, BMA Ergonomics provided a full Five year warranty.

This means no labour, material or delivery costs in the first five years after buying a 24 hour chair!

rh offers the right 24 hour chair.

The rh Secur24 Basic and the rh Secur24 Exclusive are the ideal 24/7 chairs for observation and surveillance because they are very comfortable and extremely robust.

They can be loaded with up to 200kg. The rh Axia Vision and rh Axia Focus are designed for Intensive operations like monitoring or observations offering optimal ergonomic comfort in demanding in control rooms. The multi-adjustable headrest and armrest as well as intuitive adjustment make this chair ideally suited for intensive VDU (visual display unit) work. Whenever activities consist of both, observation and intensive VDU work, the Axia Focus 24 is the best choice.