Okamura Office Chairs

The range of Okamura Ergonomic Chairs spark creative inspirations to the world of ergonomics and office design. These high-end chairs are beautifully crafted. The chairs from Okamura are constantly evolving, Lately the Contessa II chair has replaced the Contessa chair. The Okamura Ergonomic Office Chairs are practical chairs that combine ergonomics with style with a contemporary design that would enhance any office. Choose from a mesh or fabric seat with a mesh back. Mesh colours are available on special order.

It features comfortable seating and a synchro-reclining mechanism, as well as “smart operation”, which responds and adapts to the user’s sitting posture. Levers at the front of the armrests adjust the seat height and reclining angle, providing ease of use far superior to other office chairs. It’s available in both fabric and mesh, with the wide mesh back design effortlessly fitting to any user’s posture, providing extraordinary comfort.

Okamura Office Chair represents the ultimate in stylish elegance that is worthy of the name. The colour of the mesh is soft and lively. The superb design merges seamlessly with any work environment and sitting posture.

Okamura’s “smart operation” concept achieves simple and responsive operation. Okamura Contessa Chair brings inspiration to everyone who experiences its extraordinary comfort. Offices all over the world are making way for the Contessa revolution in style, comfort, and design.