Sit-Stand Desks

We have selected durable high quality sit-stand desks and electric height adjustable desks as well as Ergonomic Office Desks, standard office desks and Ergonomic Computer Workstations and more. Thanks to a height adjustable desk you can now alternate between standing and sitting.

Our range of Sit-Stand Desks and electric height adjustable desks meet all your needs, with a wide range of desk widths and desk lengths, height ranges, and with beamless options too. Our newest addition is the Aluforce width adjustable electric desk, suitable for tops from 120cm up to 180cm wide and having a wide height range from 65cm to 130cm working height.

The benefits of being able to stand to work are widely debated and the concept is quickly gaining popularity in the UK. Simply Ergonomic have been supplying sit-stand desks for over 10 years and can attest to the benefits as reported by our customers – being able to change your posture throughout the day can significantly improve you concentration, circulation and overall well-being. Which desk you choose will depend on how high, or how low you need to work.
Why not try a perching stool alongside your sit to stand desk. Or if you can’t change your whole desk, try our new L-E-Vate Standing Desk that can be placed directly on top of your existing desk!