Adapt 521 Office Chair


The Adapt 521 office chair is an entry-level chair from the Adapt 500 Chair Range, bringing you great ergonomics with good levels of adaptability.

The Adapt 500 chair range comes with the following features as standard:

  • Independent Seat Tilt and Back Angle adjustments
  • Inflatable Lumbar Support
  • Memory Foam Seat Layer
  • Backrest Height Adjustment
  • Seat Depth Adjustment (Seat Slide)

The Adapt 500 range of chairs offer loads of other options from the ones below, if you can not see the option that you require please contact us.

Complete Customisation

If you are unsure as to the size, style and optional chair components that would best suited to your individual circumstances, please complete our Seating Assessment Form and we will be pleased to advise you.

We sell other colour variations of the Adapt 500 ergonomic chair range. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery & Assembly *

Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features.

Please note that these special delivery and installation prices are for Mainland UK only.


The Adapt 521 office chair is an entry-level chair from the Adapt 500 Chair Range, bringing you great ergonomics with good levels of adaptability.
The Adapt 500 can be customised. Add special features to build your perfect ergonomic office chair. With so many options, choosing can be overwhelming.

Model choices

It’s simple. The first number 5 represents the Adapt 500. The second number represents the height of the backrest (low to high, or 1-3), and the third represents the size of the seat (small to medium, or 1-2). See specs for measurements.

  • 511 – low backrest, small seat
  • 512 – low backrest, medium seat
  • 521 – medium backrest, small seat
  • 522 – medium backrest, medium seat
  • 531 – high backrest, small seat
  • 532 – high backrest, medium seat

Headrests add an additional level of comfort and support to your Adapt 500 — ideal when you want to lean back in your chair for a break. The Adapt range of headrests offers different models to suit all users.


Add additional comfort to your Adapt 500 with armrests. While it is not compulsory to have armrests, it can enhance your experience. It depends on the tasks you plan to carry out (precision tasks can benefit from armrests), and your own preferences (some people prefer the stability when entering or exiting a chair). Adapt armrests come in a range of types, which you can find explained in the brochure.

Arm pads

Add extra padding to your armrests and elevate your office chair to new levels of luxury.

Vertical support

Add a vertical air cell either on the left or right side of the chair (or both) to offer greater lateral support if needed.

Memory foam backrest

The Adapt 500 comes with a memory foam seat as standard but we also offer the option of a memory foam back. The foam reduces surface tension for comfortable support.

Upholstered back

For a luxurious look you can opt to have the back upholstered to conceal the black plastic.

Sacral support cell

Inflatable support across the ‘sacrum’ (base of the spine), especially beneficial for those with sciatic and pelvic support issues.

Seat size

If you require a specialist seat size not offered in our six ‘template’ models, you can choose from XL, or XXL.

Coccyx cut-out seat

Opt for a cut-out in the seat to relieve pressure around the coccyx area.

Thigh support

Add inflatable air cells to take pressure off the the middle of the seat. This is especially beneficial for people with muscle-wastage conditions.

Reduced seat width

You can choose a specialist seat width from 410mm.

Memory foam seat (additional layer)

Add another 20mm of memory foam to your seat for a supreme level of comfort.

ErgoCore seat system

A dual-chamber air-cell system inserted into the seat to encourage your core and lower back muscles to work, while cushioning your bones. Ideal for sciatic relief.

Gas stem

The gas stem determines the height of the chair. The option you choose depends on your height and the height of the surface you work at.


Choose from the standard black nylon base, or the optional stylish polished aluminium base.


The castors affect how your chair moves. As standard we offer 65 mm castors for the best ‘roll’ on carpeted floors. For bare floors brake-loaded castors may be a more suitable option.


Add a footring if you need somewhere to rest your feet as you sit.

Additional Information

Available Colours

Black, Navy Blue

Seat Depth

440 – 500 mm

Seat Width

480 mm

Back Height

520 – 600 mm

Back Width

460 mm

View the Adapt 500 Office Chair Instructions

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