Axia 2.4 Office Chair High Back


The New Axia 2.4 Office Chair High Back:

A perfect balance of ergonomics, function and style. It easily accommodates individual requirements and is suitable for reading, writing and working with VDU’s. An office chair with remarkable adjustability, ideal for today’s demanding working environment.

The Axia 2.4 Office Chair is designed to maintain the natural curve of your spine by rotating the pelvis forward, so instead of lumbar support you get pelvic support.

For staff with medical complaints an BMA Axia customised office chair is the solution.

Does the employee suffer from a hollow-back, painful joints or a recent hernia?

Especially then, the right support is essential. Even with pelvic instability, varicose veins or a sore tailbone – specific adjustments to tailor the office chair ensure that the employee gets as fit and relaxed through the office day as possible.

Correct support is essential. The patented movement mechanism in the Axia 2.0 office chair range supports and relaxes the back, neck and arms in any posture, ensuring the feet always remain in contact with the floor.

This Axia chair can be optimally adjusted to meet the needs of the individual user. Functions which need to be changed during work can be operated on both the left and right hand sides of the chair.

Within the BMA Axia Office Chair Range their is a chair to suit everyone


If you are choosing this model to help with coccyx pain, we advise that you choose the coccyx cut-out option from the product builder below.


Add Armrests

*Optional Extras

Modify Seat

Add Pelvic Air Pump

*Optional Extras

Add Headrest

*Optional Extras

Add Footring

*Optional Extras

Choose Castors * 

Choose Seat Height * 

Upgrade to 26st Mechanism

*Optional Extras

Delivery & Assembly * 

Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features.

Please note that these special delivery and installation prices are for Mainland UK only.


The Axia 2.4 Office Chair High Back is Simply the best ergonomic office chair

How to set up your Axia 2 Office Chair

Additional information

Fabric Colour

Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Avocado, Red, Grey, Bugundy, Purple


Pelvic Rotation Movement

Seat Tilt

Yes (Backwards Tilt)

Independent Back Angle Adjustment


Seat Depth Adjustment


Adjustable Lumbar Support






Seat Size

Medium Seat

Back Size

High Back

Weight Rating

23 Stone (146 kgs)

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