Ergohuman Plus Full Mesh Office Chair G2


Ergohuman Plus Full Mesh Office Chair G2 with Head Rest

NEW FEATURES include a stronger supportive mesh, an adjustable lumbar back support, seat forwad-tilt adjustment, 5D armrests and an even stronger mechanism.



Since the launch of the Ergohuman G2 encompassing the new improved models in the newly engineered elastomer mesh, the Ergohuman Leather has been discontinued and replaced with either the Ergohuman Elite Full Mesh Office Chairs or the Nefil Leather Office Chair. With increased support from the new advanced mesh, the Ergohuman Range can focus on the mesh chairs and reduce the carbon footprint to become more Eco-friendly, and continue to design advanced seating with total human comfort in mind.



Ergohuman Elite Mesh Office Chair G2

Ergohuman Luxury Mesh Office Chair G2 (formerly Ergohuman Plus)


In the same range, the Nefil chair is still available in full leather and includes the seat forward tilt adjustment.

Nefil Leather Office Chair

Add LegPro Leg Rest


Ergohuman Plus Full Mesh Office Chair G2

The new Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair based on the orginal Ergohuman Elite Office Chair now has one lever instead of 3 different controls.

Ergohuman Plus G2 is specifically designed for office workers who need a comfortable chair for intensive use. Its flex zones ensure continuous support for the back and lumbar region, while the adjustable armrests relieve pressure on wrists, arms, and shoulders. Additionally, the height-adjustable pivoting headrest helps reduce neck strain.

Engineered with a dual pivot mechanism which includes recline position locking, seat slide, forward synchro tilt seat, and seat height adjustment, Ergohuman Elite G2 also features an automatic lumbar support system with precise tension adjustment, adjustable arms, and an optional headrest. The Elite model can also be  upgraded to a Plus version which includes a recline limiter function and additional aluminium detailing.

The Ergohuman Plus G2 boasts 97% recyclability, has Greenguard Gold Certification and meets
BS 5459, and EN 1335-1 and –2. Available in a black or grey frame with a polished aluminium base and in a choice of mesh finishes. A range of optional accessories make this chair a high performance office chair.

Aesthetics, form and function allow this ergonomic office chair to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with 3 position lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment, automatic lumbar support system, Height and angle adjustable arms all in one very unique ergonomic chair.

The Ergohuman Plus also boasts 97% recyclability, has Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification and meets EN 1335-2:2009 and EN 1335-3:2009.

Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair Specifications:
Smart Design
Delve deeper into each feature below to explore the chair’s extensive range of features and the numerous benefits they offer.

Twin-pivot synchro mechanism
Ergohuman Elite G2 incorporates a twin pivot mechanism for enhanced comfort. This delivers outstanding movement and constant support with minimal pressure on the underside of the thighs (first pivot point is located behind the user’s knees and the second point under the ischial tuberosity).

Single lever control
Ergohuman Elite G2 has an ingeniously simple and quick-to-use single lever control to operate the three most frequently used chair functions – seat height, seat depth and back tilt.

Back height adjustment
When seated, reach behind and lift or lower the backrest until it fits the shape of your spine.It is important to position the backrest in a way that provides comfortable support to the small of the back with its contoured lumbar fitting into the lower curve of the user’s back.
Lift the backrest to the top to release the lock and lower to lowest position.

Backrest recline
To release the back recline, push the single lever backwards. This puts the chair in free-float mode. When tension control is correctly set up, this allows the user dynamic movement when seated.To lock the backrest in recline position, return the lever to its neutral postion.

Recline tension control
The tilt tension function controls the speed and smoothness of the chair’s reclining motion. Rotate the tension knob to increase or reduce the resistance of the backrest in recline mode until the backrest supports the user’s weight but also allows it to recline when leaning back.

Lumbar adjustment
An integrated lumbar system delivers full support to the the lower back region.  Built-in flex adjusts to the user’s movement.

Seat height adjustment
Seat height can be adjusted using the single lever located under the seat at the right of the chair. Lift the lever to rasie or lower the seat. Push lever back down to lock seat in place.
Aim to have your feet flat on the floor comfortably to ensure healthy posture.

Seat slide
Ergohuman Elite G2 features a seat slide to allow the user to set the chair depth to suit the length of their thighs. Activate the seat slide by pushing the single lever forward and slide the seat into position while seated. Lock in position by returning the lever to its neutral position.

Forward seat synchro tilt
The  forward seat tilt sychronises with the back for comfort (2º seat with 6º backrest). To release the forward tilt, unlock the back recline using the single lever on the right of the chair, then use the rear lever on the left side of the seat to tilt the seat forward.

This feature enables a fit that is tailored to the user’s specific needs. and can alleviate back strain. In addition, a forward seat tilt promotes healthier posture and enhances blood circulation to the feet, back, and legs.

Waterfall seat front
The sloping, rounded front edge of the seat is designed to reduce pressure off the user’s thighs when seated and improves blood flow in the legs.

5D adjustable armrests
Ergohuman Elite G2 has lockable height, angle, width, depth and front tilt armrest adjustments, complete with a soft PU pad for comfort. The G2 feature a tiltable from armpad which is especially supportive for users who recline and hold tablet or mobile devices.

Properly set-up armrests provide support for your arms, wrists and hands and help alleviate muscle tension that can arise when arms and hands are not in optimal alignment.

  • Lift the armrests to adjust height. Raising to the top will release the lock to drop their lowert level again
  • Push the armpad forwards or backwards to set arm depth.
  • Push the armpads out or in to set arm width position.
  • Turn the armrests left to right to set angle.
  • Bend the front section of the armpad up or down to support the forearms.

Aluminium 5 star base
Ergohuman Plus G2 features a polished aluminium base with 65mm dual castors.

Optional headrest
A height (80 mm) and angle (55º) adjustable headrest helps relax neck and shoulder muscles, providing effective support to the back of the head, especially iwhen the chair is in free-float / recline mode.

Lift the headrest by pulling up from the stem, and pushing down to lower. Additional height adjustment can be made by lifing or lowering the headrest section at both sides. Tilt the headrest angle on its pivot for customised support.

Optional legrest
A superb addition for the user who likes to recline in their chair. The mesh legrest delivers ulimate comfort and helps alleviate fatigue and can relieve pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and thighs.

The optional legrest folds neatly under the seat when not in use.

Optional coat hanger
This tidy addition is perfect for keeping jackets close and safely off the floor, and is even retro-fittable.

Simply lift the arms to release the coat hanger for use, and press the central button under the coat hanger to fold away discreetly.

Optional Elite Plus Upgrade
The Elite model can be upgraded to a Plus version which includes a recline limiter function and additional aluminium detailing.

Available in a choice of mesh Colours with polished Black or Grey frame and  aluminium base.

Certified to BSEN5459 (2000) Part 2 : structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office chair for up to 24 hours a day, when used by persons up to 150kg in weight.

Additional Information

Mesh Colour

Black Mesh, Blue Mesh, Green Mesh, Dark Red Mesh, Light Grey Mesh, Pink Mesh

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