MindView 7 Business

Essential Mind Mapping Software for your business! MatchWare’s MindView 7 Business is a professional MindMapping® software application that allows users to brainstorm and visualise ideas quickly and easily. MindView 4 Business makes meetings more productive, accelerates project planning and helps turn ideas into action faster than ever before!

Using MindView’s 7 interchangeable views, Mind Map, TopDown, Left Right, Outline, Timeline and Gantt Chart allows you to effectively present your ideas to your colleagues and customers. For instance, you can simplify a project plan by showing it in a Mind Map, or display it as a Gantt Chart orTimeline for project managers. It doesn’t matter if you are a linear or organic thinker; there is a view for you! Why not simplify your project planning by using Mind Mapping software? MindView allows you to brainstorm your project plan (WBS) digitally and transfer the plan into our built-in Gantt Chart, Timeline or export to Microsoft Project. Whether you are looking to optimise the initial planning stage or make Gantt Charts easier.

 The highly anticipated release of MindView defines what a product upgrade should be. MatchWare revamped the software from the ground up, focusing on improving user experience and productivity. MindView 5 sets the industry standard for MS Office integration and comes with the new 2013 interface. With enhanced editing and cool new map styles, your mind mapping sessions will be more engaging than ever before!

Key Features

  • MS Office 2013 Interface
  • Improved MS Office and MS Project Integration
  • Enhanced Project Management Features Timeline and Outline Modes
  • Improved Citation and Bibliography
  • Legends and Map Navigation
  • New Map Styles and Custom Style Designer

Training and headsets also available

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