Orangebox Active Ergonomics Flo3 High Back


Flo – Fits people like you and me

Broadest range of adjustments on the market simplifies the specification process and improves the anthropometric fit by a further 15%.

100mm of adjustment in the seat depth
100mm of adjustment in the back height
100mm of adjustment in the arm width
Three dimensional directional adjustment in the headrest
Four dimensional directional adjustment in the arms
Three dimensional directional adjustment in the backrest
Forward tilting free floating seat mechanism with independent back angle adjust
Inbuilt coccyx relief Inflatable Thoracic support

Flo – Not just a chair

An office chair without training is like driving in first gear.
Flo has an inbuilt indexing system to ensure once the chair is
set up properly the user can record the settings permanently as a unique combination code to them. This allows the chair to be shared and/or re-set if someone else uses it without the need for specialists.

The user instructions are permanently stored in an accessible part of the chair and are an introduction to both physical and emotional health topics. They also provide a link to a comprehensive online support and guidance site.

Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features.

Please note that these special delivery and installation prices are for website orders only. Applicable for Mainland UK only.


Flo is a chair designed for maximum fit, with minimum fuss and an uncomplicated set-up. Flo is perfect for those who are struggling with back or other occupational health issues. The chair has all the credentials to ensure best practice in terms of rehabilitation. Three years of research and development has culminated in a product and process designed to shift the status quo. Multiple adjustment range also means Flo is easier to specify.

The Flo3 chair has the following features:

100mm seat depth adjustment
100mm back height adjustment
100mm arm width adjustment
Standard 65mm castors
Three dimensional directional adjustment in the backrest
Forward tilting free floating seat mechanism with independent back angle adjustment
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Inbuilt coccyx relief
Seat height 460-590mm
Seat Depth 450-550mm
High backrest height 600mm with 100mm additional height adjustment
Backrest width (widest) 500mm


Seating Assessment Service
If you’re not sure about your requirements or the appropriate chair specification for your needs, please use our online seating assessment service

This product can be customised to your individual specification:
You can select your preference of these optional components by ticking the adjacent checkboxes

Additional Information

Available Colours

Black, Blue

Seat Height

415 – 525 mm (approx)

Effective Seat Depth

420 – 520 mm

High Backrest Height

600 mm with 100 mm additional height adjustment

Backrest Width

500 mm (at widest point)

Armrest Height From Seat

160 – 260 mm

Armrest Width

370 – 530 mm

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