RH New Logic 220 Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair


RH New Logic 220 Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair

An elegant high back chair reinvented with greater style, functionality and environmental sustainability
The RH New Logic 220 is a redesign of the original Logic. It’s been reworked to fit fast-paced, modern, agile environments. Compared to the original, the New Logic 220 offers greater seat depth, softer cushioning and an improved lockable movement mechanism for freedom of movement. The seat features a rounded waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the thighs, while the backrest – which on the 220 is extra tall, now features a soft curve to keep the back upright, mobilising the arms and shoulders for increased comfort in any position. RH New Logic 220’s high back has an inbuilt inflatable lumbar cushion as standard so all users can quickly find the most suitable level of lower back support.

Environmental efficiency remains at the core of the RH New Logic 220’s design. It’s long-lasting, free from toxic substances, has easy-to-replace parts and is entirely recyclable.


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How to set up your RH New Logic 220 Office Chair

Additional information

Fabric Colour

RH New Logic 220 High Back Chair – Black, RH New Logic 220 High Back Chair – Navy, RH New Logic 220 High Back Chair – Royal Blue

Seat Height

410 – 550 mm

Backrest Height

540 mm

Backrest Width

430 mm

Seat Depth

470 mm

Seat Width

470 mm





Back Size

Medium Back

Weight Rating

23 Stone (146 kgs)


10 Years