24 hour office chairs

24 Hour Office Chairs for Intensive operations like monitoring or observation place the highest demand on control room office chairs. Especially when the chair is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That is why BMA Ergonomics has developed a series ergonomic 24 hour chairs, or in other words, chairs that are used around the clock. These heavy duty office chairs are fitted with extra strong and robust mechanisms and bigger 5-star bases. The height and width adjustable armrests and the ergonomic backrest with pelvic support are built to withstand intensive usage. 24/7 chairs are quick and easy to adjust and extremely comfortable for every user.

24-hour office chairs are easily adjustable to suit the revolving shift patterns of a non-stop office. If you consider that three separate people could be using this chair on any one day, this is incredibly useful as it allows the chair to be adjusted to the individual. Expect features such as adjustable backs, heights, arm positions and reclining tension as well as an exceptionally robust design to withstand the demands of the day.

What is a Heavy Duty Office Chair?