bma axia focus

BMA Axia Focus 24 Hour Control Room Office Chair : a perfect balance of ergonomics.

The Axia Focus 24/7 is the ideal chair when the task will consist of both observation (monitoring and control)and intensive VDU work. The Axia Focus 24/7 exudes elegance and robustness, and thanks to the extremely solid construction, is ideally suited for 24/7 workstations.

These heavy duty chairs are fitted with extra strong and robust mechanisms and bigger 5-star bases. The height and with adjustable armrests and the ergonomic backrest with pelvic support are built to withstand intensive usage. 24/7 chairs are quick and easy to adjust and extremely comfortable for every user. A series of ergonomic 24 hour chairs, or in other words, chairs that are used around the clock.

BMA Axia Focus Chair

BMA Axia Ergonomic Office Chairs