ergohuman leg rest

Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chairs with Leg-Pro Leg-rest

These Ergohuman Leg Rest office chairs come with an integrated leg-rest  Just fold out the leg-rest when needed.

The leg support is ideal when using the chairs in full recline. The leg-rests can be folded back under the seat when not in use. An articulated arm with a notebook or ipad support table is available for all chairs with leg-rest, allowing computer work in the reclined position to relax the back, lumbar and neck.

The Leg Rest chairs available with a legrest are the Ergohuman Plus Luxury chair, the Ergohuman Elite and the Nefil chair, Ejoy Elite, Mirus and Genidia Chair.

The chairs are available in Full Mesh, Real Leather or leather seat, mesh back. It is recommended to have a headrest to fully enjoy the functionality of the Leg-Pro Leg Rest Chairs