heavy duty office chairs

Large Selection of Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Simply Ergonomic’s heavy duty office chairs are designed for the larger and heavier user (up to 50 stone) with heavy duty mechanism and hard wearing fabric or leather. All our chairs are manufactured with more generous proportions, larger seats and backs and more width between the arms.

Simply Ergonomic has a broad range of comfortable and ergonomic heavy duty office chairs. Tried and tested for the commitment of providing ergonomic solutions to meet a variety of workplace needs like Bodybilt, BMA Axia Chairs, RH Chairs and Adapt Chairs.

Many of our heavy duty chairs are available in multiple colours or with optional features, including adjustable headrests, arms and different frame materials like aluminium or standard hardened plastic.

We have a selection of Chairs that are rated for usage as 24 hour Office Chairs and thus are perfect for control rooms, or hot desking office environments. Please call 020 3600 0322 for more information, or to discuss specific manufacturing options

What is a 24 Hour office chair?