opera 20-2

Opera 20-2 Ergonomic Office Chair, (petite users)

The Opera 20-2 ergonomic chair has a small backrest and short seat to suit the more petite user. Petite users tend to suffer with standard chairs as the seats are too long which either leads to pressure on the back of the knee or forces the user to sit further along their seat and lose back support.

Our Opera 20-2 chairs enable a perfect fit with the height-adjustable backrest and seat slide. There is a wide range of optional features on the Opera 20-2 chairs to suit a range of disabilities or postural problems. These, in combination with the generous standard features of an inflatable lumbar support, sewn edge seat & backrest, plus optimum adjustability ensures maximum comfort for each user.

The backrest angle remains constant when the seat tilts which ensures that the lumbar support stays in place.

The Opera 20 chairs are available with various seat and backrest size combinations for a perfect fit and a multitude of optional extras to offer a custom-made solution for each and every user.

There is a five-year warranty and 20 stone weight limit on each chair as well as an aluminium base, chrome levers and sewn edges on the seat and back for an executive look.

Opera 20-2 Chair

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