RH Axia 2.2

The most popular RH Axia model. Because of its adjustability and options the RH Axia 2.2 is an office chair with high quality, ergonomics and user friendliness. All controlls are easily accessible on both sides of the chair and adjustable for individual needs. Can be fitted with many optional extras.

The rh Axia 2.2 office chair is suitable for 98% of users and is extremely well-suited in a project office environment, making it the ultimate office chair.

Ideal as your Work from Home Chair – WFH

It can be used by those that are up to 135 kg (21st) and features a synchronised mechanism, Tension control allows adjustments for body weight and height.

rh Axia Office Chairs are designed to maintain the natural curve of your spine by rotating the pelvis forward, with the Axia principle of pelvic support rather than lumbar back support. Correct support is essential, Axia 2.2 chairs support and relax the back, neck and arms in any posture, ensuring the feet always remain in contact with the floor.

A perfect balance of ergonomics, function and style.