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Contour Mouse - Because one size doesn't fit all

Contour Mouse, once known as the Perfit Mouse, is an ergonomically sculpted mouse, designed to support your hand comfortably, regardless of size.
Over 120 different models were designed until we found the perfect fit for your hand. This design is the perfect balance between ergonomics and productivity.

Made for you

Four right-handed sizes and two left-handed sizes ensure that you will find a Contour Mouse that fits your hand perfectly. This is important for avoiding excessive clutching and finger flexing that can aggravate the hand and wrist, resulting in repetitive strain injuries.

Choosing your size

Your hand should be able to rest upon the Contour Mouse and support your full palm from underneath.
To find your perfect size, you should measure the length from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease of the wrist.

Options Right Handed mouse :
Small (Under 17 cm) / Medium (17-19 cm) / Large (19-21 cm) / XL (21cm and above)

Options Left Handed mouse :
Medium (17-19 cm) / Large (19-21 cm)

"True" three-button design

Contour Mouse has five buttons, including a proper, full-size third (middle click) button. The three major buttons are elongated so that your fingers rest on them and are able to click with full finger extension with small, subtle motions and without flexing your fingers. Your thumb rests on the side, between a rocker switch and the scroll wheel on the side of Contour Mouse.

Technology is moving fast, but our hands stay the same


Even if technology is moving fast, our hands don't change. That's why we hold on to the successful form factor for Contour Mouse, because it still helps to stop and prevent repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. In its fourth generation, Contour Mouse has now been updated with a new, grey metal colour. On the inside, the electronics have been updated, and the precision has been increased to 1200 dpi.


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Contour Mouse

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Contour Mouse L/R:
Left or Right Handed
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