Orangebox Chairs

Orangebox Office chairs are high quality chairs with a range of ergonomic adjustment and well thoughts designs such as Active Ergonomics, Being Me, Being Us, Do Better Chair, Ara or the Flo chair.
We sell the complete range of Orangebox chairs. Please contact us if you cannot see the chair you require.

The Orange Box Flo Chair – Fits people like you and me thanks to a broad range of adjustments that simplifies the specification process and improves the anthropometric fit by a further 15%. The Flo chair has an inbuilt indexing system to ensure once the chair is set up properly the user can record the settings permanently. This allows the chair to be shared and/or re-set if someone else uses it without the need for specialists. The user instructions are permanently stored in an accessible part of the chair and are an introduction to both physical and emotional health topics.

Orangebox ARA is a chair of refined performance, comfort and support that redefines our perspective on sustainability. ARA is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle to Cradle accreditation.