RH Office Chairs

RH Office Chairs are manufacturers of extremely high quality ergonomic office chairs, most notably their RH Logic range, which is recommended by many health professionals. The idea is to look at the articulation points of the human body – the hips and the knees – and then put this principle into an office chair!

The human body is an anatomical miracle, and with the right tools it can achieve wonderful things. An RH office chair takes into account our body’s need for movement and could be what makes you perform even better at work.

The RH New Logic 220

In order to make something great even better came the RH New Logic 220 High Back Chair and The RH New Logic 200 Medium Back Chair.  A chair that merges characteristic comfort and first class ergonomics with improved features and accessibility to enhance user experience.

Furthermore, we have developed a new visual design to create a neat shape and sophisticated look that blends seamlessly into almost any working space.

And to really make a difference in the long run, we only use sustainable and recyclable materials in every part. The new RH Logic is built to last and to let you get the work done – with more convenience than ever.