Bodybilt Chairs

BodyBilt chairs technology was developed through National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA research. Using a 10-point posture control system, BodyBilt chairs allow each user to attain a healthy, natural posture in a variety of tasks through the use of multiple adjustments.

BodyBilt’s unique solution to workplace problems is to offer the most advanced ergonomic seating system available.
The product line offers seating solutions for a variety of workplace needs, including Mid-Back, Task seating, High-Back and Conference room seating, Seating for extra tall workers, Big and Tall seating (for users up to 500lbs. 36st. 227kg.), Bariatric seating (for users 500 to 600lbs. 42st. 273kg.), multiple shift seating and Guest seating. The BodyBilt portfolio is based on the concept of natural (zero gravity) posture that was revealed by NASA studies of stress-free, optimum body alignment in a weightless environment.

The Bodybilt’s system of 10-Point Posture Control® gives each user the tools to enjoy open posture which can alleviate pressure on the spinal column. The vertebrae are more evenly spaced. Muscle, tendon, and ligament systems can more readily assume their most relaxed positions. With the trunk to thigh angle opened beyond 90º, open posture improves breathing, digestion and musculoskeletal alignment.