Ergonomic Accessories

We have selected a range of Ergonomic accessories to create the perfect ergonomic office. Whether for the workplace or a home office, most products are designed ergonomically to enhance the comfort when working at a desk. These include: ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboards, including the acclaimed Contour RollerMouse, as well as footrests and leg-rests.  We also supply the back-friend, lumbar supports and rolls to help with back pain.  Other essentials include perspex document holders,  laptop stands and laptop tables, monitor arms and monitor raisers as well as other miscellaneous ergonomic items such as telephone supports.

If you are using a laptop, a laptop stand will raise the screen to eye level reducing neck strain (separate keyboard recommended). Document holders or Copyholders are perfect to keep an eye on a document with minimum neck or back strain. Visual aids such as transparent colour overlays can reduce eye strain when reading text on a white background..

Simply Ergonomic offers a wide range of ergonomic accessories designed to increase comfort and reduce strain, from back supports to writing slopes for the office or home office. From assistive technology to lumbar support rolls, telephone supports and telephone headsets, writing aids and writing slopes, desks accessories such as footrests, as well as many other ergonomic office items to promote a healthy and comfortable working environment.

Create the perfect ergonomic office by insuring your screen or monitor is at the correct height thanks to a flat panel monitor arm or a monitor raiser.

Once your chair is set up at the best height for your desk, if your desk is not height adjustable you may need a footstand or footrest. Get extra level of comfort and support with a leg rest to elevate your legs and improve circulation.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please do ask!