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Cruise Ergonomic Computer Workstation -  £4,642.56 (inc VAT)

Okamura Cruise Ergonomic Computer - Workstation Fully Loaded

Included in the price for the complete ultimate computer workstation

Main Desk

Round Panel (Round Screen)

CPU Trolley

Cable Guard

Foot Step

Chair with headrest and arm rests


As the business environment changes so does seating posture.
Until recently, computer work mainly involved inputting data while looking down at paperwork and the keyboard. But now computer intensive work is shifting toward tasks that involve long periods of thinking while looking at the monitor. Working posturAs the business environment changes so does seating posturee in this new mode of computer oriented work tends to tilt the upper body away from the monitor in an effort to find the best angle and distance from it. Okamura focused on this to develop a posture ideal not only for working but thinking as well


Okamura Cruise Workstation is the product of a collaboration between industry and academia.
The low-seat, rear-tilt theory was formulated through collaborative research with human body engineering advocate and Keio University Department of Science and Technology Professor Nobutoshi Yamazaki.
Human body engineering research seeks to understand the physical characteristics of the human body and the body's essential requirements in order to apply this knowledge to the development of tools, machinery, and other objects. The low-seat,rear-tilt posture is the result of accumulated experiments using chairs, desks, and other equipment in a variety of shapes.


    * The lower, reclining seating posture concept based on advanced ergonomic research
    * Intuitive desktop height & angle adjustment.


    * Cruise main unit
    * Cruise panel unit : Round / Side / Front /
      Compartment panels /Free-standing
    * Side table
    * Mobile wagon
    * Atlas chair : Extra-high back / High back

Cruise main uni

    * Desktop height & angle adjustment
    * Softpad front-edge tabletop
    * Rear table for display settings
    * Wiring duct for cable storage

Cruise chair

    * The lower, reclining seating posture featured
    * Elastic mesh back
    * Elastic mesh or upholstered cushion seat
    * Polished or powder-coated silver aluminum frame & five-star leg base
    * Seat height adjustment
    * Reclining tension adjustment
    * Reclining lock
    * Seat depth adjustment
    * Original fixed armrest
    * 60mm dia. smooth rolling casters

Cruise chair option

    * Adjustable lumbar support
    * Headrest : Height & angle adjustable / Fixed type

 £3,868.80 (excl VAT)
 £4,642.56 (inc VAT)
Product Code: Sim330-FL
Cruise Ergonomic Computer Workstation

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