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Document Holders

A writing slope or document holder can have a massive impact on posture and prove to be one of the most cost effective ways of combating back pain.  One of the more common causes of back pain, aside from sitting in the wrong chair, is referring to paperwork directly on a desk top.

This forces the user to lean forwards over the desk, placing the body into an unnatural posture and placing strain on the whole body, particularly the lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas. It is better to have the paperwork higher on the desk, and at a more beneficial angle of view, to help keep the head naturally supported over the spine and the back more upright or reclined if possible.

 Ergoline C23 Basic A3 Copyholder 550 
 £55.99  [Excl. VAT]
 A3 Extra High Adjustable Copyholder 
 £58.99  [Excl. VAT]
 A3 Perspex Copyholder Extra High 
 £58.99  [Excl. VAT]
 Copyflex C11 Copyflex 3 Metal Copyholder 
 £51.75  [Excl. VAT]
 Vu Ryte Copyholder 
 £52.95  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes C12 Freestanding Copyholder 
 £10.75  [Excl. VAT]
 C10 Adjustable Sturdy Metal Copyholder 
 £55.00  [Excl. VAT]
 Plum Copyholder 
 £69.00  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes C14 Side-Mounting Copyholder 
 £27.45  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes C13 Weighted Copyholder 
 £46.49  [Excl. VAT]
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