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Electric Height Adjustable Desk -  £578.99 (inc VAT)

This top quality height adjustable desk is fully modular and offers the versatility to work while standing up as well as in a seated position. The height of the desk when sitting can also be fully adjusted to be at that perfect ergonomic height in line with your elbows. This makes the desk the ultimate ergonomic desk as well as ideal for people of different heights: tall people, short people but also people in wheel chairs that may sit at a higher height than they would be on an office chair.

The versatility of working standing up also allows you to change your posture throughout the day, stretch your legs and work in a more dynamic position whether at home or at work. The desk is very stable and can carry all your computer items, desktop or laptop while being adjusted up and down throughout the day. You can also fit an under-desk CPU holder.

The desk slides up and down smoothly at a push of 2 buttons that are positioned under the desk. To adjust the desk, just press a switch while pushing a button to choose your perfect height and module this throughout the day to best suit your prefered position. The second button is offering extra security as required by health and safety laws to ensure a small child does not attempt to adjust the desk on his own. The feet are made out of steel and very sturdy offering maximum stability. The top has gently rounded corners and is slightly curved inwards at the front offering a nice design and ergonomic shape.  It is available in beech or maple, with matching modesty panel that fits across the legs. The desk is also available in 2 sizes: 1600 and 1800 cm across. The desk is also available with manual adjustment with a wind-up handle.

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Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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