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Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chairs, the future is Ergohuman - designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind. The Ergohuman mesh office chair fuses art and science, with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rests for unparalleled support and a height-adjustable pivoting headrest for full crane support. The Ergohuman ergonomic mesh office chair was designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for more than eight hours a day, and require "Intensive Use Seating" to keep them comfortable for long periods of time.

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 Ergohuman Chair - Black 
 £417.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Office Chair 
 £439.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Plus Leather and Mesh Office Chair Head Rest 
 £583.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Chair Leather Seat, Mesh Back 
 £445.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Plus Chair Leather Seat, Mesh Back 
 £561.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Chair Leather Seat, Mesh Back with Head Rest 
 £467.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair 2010 
 £439.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Enjoy Ergonomic Office Chair 
 £338.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Enjoy Ergonomic Office Chair 2010 
 £338.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Enjoy Ergonomic Office Chair 2010 with Headrest 
 £358.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Office Chair - Blue Mesh 
 £417.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Plus Ergonomic Office Chair 
 £552.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair 
 £531.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Enjoy Office Chair 
 £358.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Enjoy Office Chair Micro Fibre with Head Rest 
 £458.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergohuman Micro Fibre Ergonomic Chair 
 £439.50  [Excl. VAT]
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The Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair is an innovative, modern, ergonomic chair that combines complete functionality with optimal comfort. The Ergohuman utilizes state of the art upholstery coupled with a wide array of ergonomic functions to make this chair perfect for any user. A synchro-tilt mechanism allows for smooth, controlled adjustments while keeping your body in an ergonomically correct position.
Versatile casters allow for nice movement on carpeted or hard surfaces. This is an opportunity to sit comfortably in one of the newest ergonomic mesh chair today.

Ergohuman Ergonomic Chairs are available in Mesh, Leather Fabric and combinations of mesh and leather.
Also part of the Ergohuman Chair Range is the Enjoy Office Chair also available in Mesh, Leather, Fabric and combinations of leather mesh.


Top of the Range Ergohuman Plus
Encompassing all the qualities of the standard Ergohuman with the added benefit of a redesigned mechanism featuring a seat tilt option and encased in polished aluminium, the Ergohuman Plus makes an unrivaled ownership statement in subtle beauty, body contoured ergonomics and vibrant colour toning. An engineered design that reflects form and functionality - the art of our technology redefines today's health-conscious work environment with more posture control and more support, personally configured.


Ergohuman Office Chairs