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Arm & Wrist Supports

From simple padded support to the fully articulated arm support Ergorest, there are many ergonomic office accessories that can help reduce the discomfort from desk work and hypersensitivity to hard surfaces.

 Fellowes Crystals Palm Support 
 £24.91  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes Fabrik Palm Support 
 £24.91  [Excl. VAT]
 Mousebean MR7 Hand Rest 
 £7.50  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes Crystals Mouse Pad 
 £22.20  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergorest ER1 Arm Support 
 £87.00  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergorest ER3 Arm Support Large Clamp 
 £87.00  [Excl. VAT]
 Ergorest ER2 Arm Support with Mousepad 
 £112.00  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes Fabrik Mouse Pad 
 £22.20  [Excl. VAT]
 Tru Back MR6 SuperGlide Wrist Support 
 £9.95  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes MR2 Standard Gel Mousemat 
 £19.80  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes Crystals Keyboard Palm Support 
 £22.20  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes Fabrik Keyboard Palm Support 
 £22.20  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes WR2 Gel Wristrest 
 £20.20  [Excl. VAT]
 Tru Back WR14 WASP 
 £27.95  [Excl. VAT]
 Tru Back WR13 WASP 
 £27.95  [Excl. VAT]
 Tru Back WR10 Superglide 
 £14.95  [Excl. VAT]
 Fellowes WR3 Gel Adjustable Wristrest 
 £28.75  [Excl. VAT]
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