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Choosing the right ergonomic task chair will improve postural awareness and encourage users to adopt better working habits.
Providing your workforce with ergonomically correct seating is vital to maintaining and improving productivity and employee health and wellbeing.

The human form was simply not designed to sit in the same position for extended time-frames, and the associated issues from poor posture can have serious effects for employees and company owners.

Studies have shown that static sitting at a workstation conducting day to day tasks for prolonged periods of time is a major cause of multiple ailments within the modern office.

Investment in seating that promotes a better interaction with the immediate environment has a proven, dramatic effect on employee comfort, and, ultimately, productivity.

The portfolio of products that we manufacture is specifically designed to provoke wellbeing within the workplace, and the ergonomic philosophy we conceived can bring tangible improvements to user contentment.

To view our product range click here or learn more about what makes us different below. Ergonomics is the fundamental cornerstone that BMA was founded on. As the brainchild of a Physiotherapist and a Mechanical Engineer, BMA have consistently pioneered revolutionary concepts on improving the interaction a user has with their working environment.

We have designed our seating to focus on supporting the Pelvis, rather than Lumbar region, and developed a patented split–seat mechanism that translates our advanced theory into practice. This pelvic centred methodology offers the very best ergonomic support to users whilst they conduct daily tasks at the workstation.

The BMA Axia range addresses issues associated with the multiple postures and angles of view experienced by every user. By providing comprehensive reinforcement to critical anatomical locations on the body which in turn encourages a constant, ergonomically correct relationship with the workstation.

We advocate implementing this strategy as a pro-active approach to workplace ergonomics to act as a preventative methodology to muscular skeletal disorders. It is always preferable to minimise the chances of developing pain and discomfort if at all possible.

However, our Axia range of seating can also improve existing ailments by offering the correct support to the body. Being a completely modular system, further comfort and support can be enhanced by selecting from numerous options to fit the user’s specific requirements.

As a testament to our products capabilities, the Axia range has achieved the prestigious FIRA ‘Ergonomics Excellence’ award year on year since 2001.

Ergonomic Seating Redefined Ergonomic Seating Redefined[/caption]

BMA Axia Office Chair

1. Split Seat – front

The static front element of the mechanism facilitates a constant feet to floor relationship eliminating pressure build up to legs
BMA Axia Ergonomic Office Chairs

2. Split Rear – seat

Pivots to accommodate natural position of the Pelvis and provide substantial support to all angles of view.

3. Tensions Control

Adjusts to individual user requirements. Correct tension promotes optimal ergonomic usage.

4. Arm Rests

Fixed to chassis and do not move when chair is in dynamic mode. Act as extension to workstation for constant support.

5. Adjustable Back Support

Can be adjusted to suit individual user. Non-ratchet mechanics mean the back can be locked in any position.

6. Dual Sided Levers

Ability to operate same function levers from both left and right hand sides allow ease of operation for all.

BMA Axia Ergonomic Office Chair Range BMA Axia Ergonomic Office Chair Range

Nothing is left to chance …
Correct support of the back and arms is essential in order to avoid static forces being exerted during seated work. The patented Axia chair mechanical movement in our chairs support and relax the back, neck and arms in every position, while the feet are kept in contact with the floor at all times.
The Axia chair mechanism is designed and manufactured by BMA and this is the guarantee of constant quality at the highest possible level. Nothing is left to chance. Each product which leaves the company is extensively tested and meets all the standards of EN, NEN, BS and DIN.

Ergonomics Excellence …
A number of the BMA Axia office chairs products have been hallmarked by GIO as good industrial design. The FIRA Award for Ergonomics Excellence is the crown on the ergonomic quality of the BMA Axia chairs and has been awarded to BMA Axia every year since 2001.