Go Slide Writing Slope

£89.99 (excl. VAT) £107.99 (incl. VAT)

The new innovative Go SLIDE Writing Slope offers a wide range easy and quick angle adjustment across 10 combination levels from 6° to 18°. And just 1.9kg in weight, and incorporating a padded document shelf to ensure no pressure is applied to the users wrists, and includes a removable rigid shelf for heavier items.

The unique and innovative new design allows significant space at the rear and beneath the document surface. This makes the Go Slide the perfect solution for desktop monitors on large or bulky stands, and also laptops on stands.

Keyboard width clearance W495mm x H70mm or H90mm


The unique design of the Go Slide Writing Slope allows the document holder to transform into an A3 writing slope by simply gliding the work surface forward over the keyboard, thus avoiding leaning forward. As the design offers full clearance above the keyboard no sacrifice on the angle of document surface is required.
We have included our innovative non-reflective cover to ensure no reflected light is directed at the users field of vision. This surface also allows the user to store everyday useful documents beneath to ensure quick and easy access at any time.

Keyboard width clearance W495mm x H70mm or H90mm

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U-Slope Pro Standard, U-Slope Pro Mini


Standard: W 530mm, D 320mm, H 110mm(min)

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