Protector Keyboard

£35.00 (excl. VAT) £42.00 (incl. VAT)

What’s special about the Protector Keyboard?
Many of us like to have a clear desk at the end of the day, the Protector has a neat folding cover which completely hides the keys. Not only does this protect the keyboard from dust and dirt, but when opened it also acts as a palm rest, something often found as an optional extra on other keyboards.

Then there’s the scissor key mechanism, these ultra low profile keys offer superb feedback whilst allowing the keyboard to remain wafer thin.
Combo connection (USB / PS/2), Multimedia Pad (Volume Up / Volume Down, Stop, Play/ Pause), Blue LED’s for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Number Lock. Scissor Key Technology, 1 year warranty.
Dimensions: 410 x W166 x H26mm.

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