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Supra Headset Monoraul Single Ear -  £83.87 (inc VAT)

Supra headset is one of the world's best-selling headsets, combining superior sound quality with durability and comfort. Its fully adjustable headband design provides excellent stability and outstanding comfort.

For environments where you really need to concentrate on a call, the Supra Binaural headset, with sound in both ears, is ideal.  Alternatively, to confer with colleagues while on a call, the Supra Monaural headset, with sound in one ear, allows the flexibility you need. 

The Monaural and Binaural noise-cancelling models have all the features of standard Supra headsets, but also use noise-cancelling microphones which eliminates up to 75% of all background noise.

The easy-to-use Quick Disconnect feature places the caller on hold, while allowing users to leave their desk without removing their headset.


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 £69.89 (excl VAT)
 £83.87 (inc VAT)
Product Code: SIM-HS14
Supra Headset Monoraul Single Ear

Options Available:

Computer Fitting: HS14 Monoraul 50g single ear   
HS1 Binaural 69g double ear ( + £23.80 )
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