Handshoe Mouse Cordless


However excellent the functionality of the mouse – we all use it with great ease – most of the time it is too small for the hand while its shape forces hand and fingers in an unnatural gripping position.
It lacks comfort. Therefore a group of mechanical engineers re- designed the mouse, and invented the HandShoeMouse.
BlueRay Track and light click will work on almost every surface. Small: up to 170 mm, Medium: 170 – 190 mm, Large: 190 – 210 mm Available in 3 sizes, wired and cordless.
This mouse is Right Handed (for a left handed mouse, please order the handshoe ambidextrous mouse)

Handshoe Mouse Wired

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Technical Specification:

Original Wired and Wireless mouse

  • The HandShoeMouse is plug and play, no special software required to operate Mac or PC
  • controls consist of 2 buttons and scroll wheel fitted with a switch

Wireless mouse

  • Comes with a USB A to Mini USB cable
  • DPI: 1000 DPI
  • the wireless HandShoeMouse uses a lithium ion battery
  • poll rate (Herz) from 113 up to 120Hz.
  • wireless range of the receiver is 10 meter
  • a separate 1500 dpi receiver / dongle is used
  • operating time for the wireless version is 4-6 weeks without battery charge
  • charging of the battery takes around 3 hours
  • note, charging a fully depleted battery may take 6 hours
  • battery life in excess of 4 years, depending on use
  • a USB cable is provided to charge the battery
  • PC or laptop to be switched on during charging
  • battery can be charged while using the computer or laptop
  • dongle must be in place for communication also while charging

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Small, Medium, Large


Wired, Cordless


Right Handed

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