Opera 30-5 Ergonomic Office Chair


The Opera 30-5 ergonomic office chair has a medium backrest and standard seat for the average height user.
The Opera 30-5 has a semi-knee tilt rocking action which delivers a smooth and comfortable rocking action which stimulates greater movement whilst seated. The Opera 30-5 includes a wide range of standard features for maximum comfort and a perfect fit, including seat height adjustment, seat slide, back angle & height adjustment and an inflatable lumbar support.

Choose from the vast range of optional extras available for a completely bespoke solution.

Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features. Recommended for these chairs due to the complexity of assembly


Opera 30-5 Ergonomic Office Chair Product Details

Opera 30-5 Ergonomic Office Chair ensures a fantastic user experience that will keep you comfortable and focused for all those long hours spent working at your desk. The comprehensive specification and broad range of customisations make the chair extremely versatile.

The chair provides a supportive knee tilt rocking action which can be locked in any position or left unlocked. When unlocked, the chair is free to rock which allows it to follow your movements and provide support as you shift your posture for comfort and tasking. The mechanism has clear text lever controls for ease of identification and adjustment.

With a range of seat and back sizes, optional extras and our custom-fit service, we can tailor-make the Opera 30 chairs for any individual or workforce requirements.

Opera 30 – 5 Ergonomic Chair Features

Semi-Knee tilt rocking action
Left-hand mechanism available
Independent back rest angle adjustment
Back height adjustment
Seat slide
Seat height adjustment
Inflatable lumbar support

Opera 30 Seating Instructions

Custom-Fit Service

Our Custom-Fit system enables us to create bespoke backrests and seats for your Opera ergonomic chair. This allows us to craft a chair with unrivalled comfort and support to meet even the most difficult postural needs.

With our Custom-Fit service, we use our specialised system to map backrests and seats to the user’s form. Varying densities and shapes of foam and supports are then utilised to create a chair that is truly designed to meet the needs of the user.

Our Custom-Fit option is ideal for Scoliosis Spina Bifida, Spinal Surgery and various other conditions. Just select the Custom-Fit option above and we will contact you to arrange the assessment. We can visit any location in mainland UK or invite you to visit our showroom in Lancashire where we will carry out the assessment.

Heated Pads

The optional heated pads are mains powered and provide a soothing sensation for aching muscles. They provide continuous heat for approximately 30 minutes and after this time they automatically shut off as a safety precaution. You can, however, simply turn them back on should you wish the heat to continue for a longer duration.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic office chairs bring support, comfort and variation to the workplace, which is imperative with the increased number of hours we are spending sat down at work, commuting and at home.

An ergonomic office chair fundamentally promotes good posture offering support where it is needed with design and functionality to ensure the chair is appropriate to the user’s body shape and size and the tasks they perform. Poor posture can quickly develop and if allowed to continue unchecked, can lead to discomfort and injury. A correctly specified ergonomic chair will help correct bad posture and bad habits and play a part in ensuring postural problems don’t arise in the first place.

A properly specified and supportive chair enables you to work without stressing your body and encourages movement while keeping you fully supported. This leads to greater comfort and helps prevent aches, pains and fatigue. The benefits of this are numerous, but to name a few:

Musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation
Improved concentration levels
Quicker and more accurate working practices
Greater energy levels
Improved mood and engagement
Reduced risk of absenteeism

It is worth considering other ergonomic office furniture and accessories to help build a workstation that provides you with maximum benefit. However, workstation ergonomics can only go so far in promoting your health. Good postural habits and healthy work routines need to be introduced in order to achieve the greatest wellbeing.

Additional Information

Weight Limit

23.5 Stone, 149 Kgs


5 Years for normal use

Seat Height:

49 – 59 cm

Seat Width :

46 cm

Seat Depth

45 – 50 cm

Back Height

50 – 60 cm

Back Width:

42 cm

Centre of lumbar curve

18 – 28 cm


Floating semi-knee tilt, left-hand mechanism available

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